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Alex Garb

In the summer of 2015, Alex began using AIM products when she had to have her wisdom teeth removed by her dentist, Dr. Lanny Donald, Chairman's Club Director. "I took BarleyLife before and after surgery. Everything went well, and there were no complications," Alex explained. "I took BarleyLife three to four times a day for a week and recovered really fast."

Meet Alex

Among Alex's many sport achievements, her most recent was being selected to play on the Canadian senior women's inline (roller) hockey team. In June 2016, the world championship was held in Italy, where Team Canada took home gold in the final against Team USA.

Her fascination with the game began around the age of seven, when her dad taught her to play ice hockey. It wasn't long before Alex was playing boys' roller hockey and then on to girls' hockey teams. "I've played all over North America on both American and Canadian teams," Alex stated. Along the way, she received numerous accolades, including top goalie awards, a silver medal and a scholarship player award.

Alex's favorite AIM products