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Lew Hollander

In his eighty-eight years of life, Lew Hollander has completed over 2,000 races. Prior to becoming a well-known and iconic IronMan triathlete, Lew was an accomplished endurance rider and earned a place in the American Endurance Rider Conference hall of fame. Lew holds the Guinness Book World's Record for being the oldest person to complete the IronMan triathlon championship race and is also the oldest person to complete an IronMan triathlon. He qualified for the 2015 IronMan Championship race in Hawaii and is the first person ever to compete in the 85-90 age category.    

Lew Update

"I opened a new age group at the next Hawaiian Iron Man. 85-90. I tell people that two things helped me: Idaho potatoes and Red Rush beet juice. I drink Red Rush all the time. I love it. I drank three during my race in Florida. I have always recognized the necessities of nitric oxide. Most people are not aware of the value of nitric oxide. It's necessary to the ATP cycle. You can use it to lose weight and it helps your sex drive. I think you have a good product. Why not take it? Why not increase your nitric oxide? If you want a better life, take nitric oxide."
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